Yacht Doña Lola | Crew
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The professional captain and 6 crew members are always on hand to ensure that your yachting vacation is most enjoyable and safe.  Nic Edmonds the captain of Dona Lola is a industry veteran  and is highly respected in the yacht charter community.  Guests can expect exemplary  service throughout their stay aboard.


Captain Nic Edmonds


Nic grew up in New Zealand, also known as the “Land of the long white cloud” or “Aotearoa” to the locals. Since his early childhood Nic was determined to pursue a career on the ocean as Captain. At the age of 17 he moved to the Balearic Islands to begin his career in yachting. In the intervening ten years Nic has worked on a variety of yachts ranging in size from 20m (65ft) to 72m (236ft) learning his craft and working his way up to Captain. He has travelled many of the world’s waters during this time including the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Bahamas and North America. Nic enjoys fishing, surfing and diving as well as golf when he is ashore. Nic warmly welcomes you on board Dona Lola and is looking forward to ensuring your time is spent safely and enjoyably. Please ask him for anything you may require. Kia Ora and Nau Mai! (Hello and Welcome)


Peter Hill


Pete was raised in a small country town with The Great Barrier Reef and coastal rivers as his backyard.  An avid fisherman, snorkeler and diver from a very early age.  Pete enjoyed all aspects of the ocean.  Pete entered the engineering sector initially as an aircraft engineer with a particular focus on helicopters.  He moved to the Caribbean 8 years ago where he discovered the yachting industry and began his career on yachts.  This has allowed him to combine his love of the ocean with his engineering skills.  Pete hopes everyone enjoys their time onboard M/Y Dona Lola.  Feel free to ask him for any assistance at anytime.


Gareth Hunt

First Officer

Gareth was born in a small surfing village called Ballito in South Africa. Growing up surfing, diving and fishing, Gareth gravitated seamlessly to the yachting industry at the age of 21 and is working towards captaining his own yacht in the future. Gareth is a PADI diving instructor and enjoys spending time teaching others the joys of the underwater world. He also has an affinity for any outdoors activities and being immersed in the natural world. He has a passion for photography, diving, free diving, fishing and spearfishing. A natural under or above the ocean’s surface, Gareth would like to warmly welcome you on board Dona Lola and hopes you enjoy your time. Please feel free to ask him for any assistance you may require.

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Sarah Williams

Chief Stewardess

Sarah was born in London though moved to Sydney Australia when she was 6 years old.  A desire to see the world lead Sarah to sailing from Argentina to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, where she discovered a love of sailing, scuba diving and the ocean.  She was introduced to professional yachting in the Caribbean where she worked in the demanding charter yacht industry.  Sarah has spent the past 13 years working on yachts where she has cemented her hospitality knowledge and furthered her diving qualifications.  Sarah hopes you enjoy your time onboard, feel free to ask for anything you need.


Desra Day


Desra was born and raised in land locked Indiana. She spent nearly 10 years working behind a desk in medical software. Where it was a great career she yearned to break free from the typical 9 – 5 and pursue a more adventurous journey. After a friend introduced her to the yachting industry, she packed up moved to Florida and began her new exciting career as a stewardess. Desra enjoys hiking, nature photography, diving, snorkeling and of course traveling. Desra is thrilled to be a part of the MY Dona Lola crew and always happy to ensure guests have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Please do not hesitate to ask her for anything that may make your time on board more enjoyable.

Adrian Tatlock

Adrian Tatlock


Adrian was trained in the classic French manner, but due to his travel experience he now has a global culinary perspective.  Adrian has been in the yachting industry for over 15 years and has catered to a wide variety of guests from politicians to Hollywood celebrities.  Your taste buds are in for a real treat, so sit back, relax and know that your culinary experience onboard Doña Lola will be exquisite.


Michael Shaw


Mike was born on the West Coast of the USA in Newport Beach, California. The abundant beaches and many harbors of the coastline of California naturally inspired Mike to pursue a career on the water. A natural love of the ocean and a desire to share his knowledge has led him to teach school children about different water sports such as surfing, paddle boarding and sailing. Mike is more than happy to help you learn or give his expert advice on water sports. He warmly welcomes you to Dona Lola and hopes you have a pleasant time on board. Feel free to ask him for any help you may require.